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Privacy Notice

Morton Subastas, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter Morton Subastas) located at Monte Athos 179, Colonia Lomas Virreyes, C.P. 11000, in Mexico City is the entity responsible for processing your personal data and wishes to makes known this Privacy Notice in terms of the Federal Law of the Protection of Personal Data and its current regulatory provisions.

Personal Data we collect from you and how we obtain it:

Your name, address, federal taxpayer registration, telephone, photographs and videos of you, email addresses, movable property data, financial details pertaining to your credit card or bank accounts as well as credit memos for payments through contracts held with Morton Auctions.

We collect all personal data directly when you provide it to us by various means, either in person or by filling out formats for the contracting of our services, authorizations of automatic charges to credit or debit cards, phone calls to our different departments or through participation in auctions via telephone, or when you visit our website to use our online services. We also collect your personal data through commissioners, call centers or entities other than MORTON SUBASTAS who are responsible for offering our auction or courier services.

Purposes for which we collect and use your personal data:

MORTON SUBASTAS may collect and process your personal data, without limiting the sensitive personal data agreed upon in advance, for the following purposes:

  • Perform appraisals.
  • Include them in auction catalogs and auction results.
  • Prepare and participate in auctions.
  • Provide the services required written in contracts, including services such as sale at auction, consignment, or mutual agreement with interest and collateral.
  • To comply with the obligations entered into with our customers, suppliers and authorities.
  • Receive or make any type of payment derived from the services of MORTON SUBASTAS.
  • Register, serve, and pay customers, buyers, suppliers.
  • Invoicing, accounting, and tax integration of revenue and egress.
  • Tracking of our purchased products or products considered for purchase.
  • Sending advertising material and notices for promotion of public auctions.
  • Sending and receiving information (including financial statements) of the auctions in which you participate or attend.
  • Sending auction catalogs.
  • Publication of auctions in the media, including local or national newspapers.
  • Registration of offers made in absentia.
  • Participate in online auctions.
  • Registration of participants in public auctions.
  • Recruitment and management of the employment or commercial relationship with our employees, agents or consultants.

For secondary purposes, your personal data may also be processed for:

  • Preparation of reports, dossiers and statistics required by the Mexican authorities (including prosecutors) and abroad.
  • Service surveys.

In terms of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Particulars (hereinafter "the Law"), consent will not be required for the processing of personal data obtained when it intends to comply with obligations arising from a legal relationship between the holder and the person responsible.

Revocation of consent and limitation of the use or disclosure of your personal data:

You have a period of 5 (five) business days to revoke your consent or to request the limited use or disclosure of your personal data if unnecessary for certain purposes, or if they did not initiate the legal relationship with MORTON SUBASTAS. You can do this by sending an email stating precisely the consent that you wish to revoke or limit the disclosure, as well as any data that might facilitate the location of your information, together with a copy of your official identification, and if you have it, the policy number corresponding to the email address:

Within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) calendar days, counted from the date on which MORTON SUBASTAS receives your request, we will respond to your request and inform you of the origin of the request, through a response to the email address by which we receive said request, and, where appropriate, apply the determination reached taking into account the deadlines established in the Law and its regulatory provisions.

Exercising of Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition ("ARCO"). In terms of the Law and its regulatory provisions, as the owner or legal representative of a holder, you will have the right to access the personal data that we have collected and the details of the processing thereof, rectify in case they are incomplete or inaccurate, cancel in case you consider that they are not required for any of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice and in which case they may be subject to a blocking period, or oppose the processing of personal data that has been shared with us for specific purposes. The request to exercise these rights (ARCO) must be made through email to along with the following information and documents:

The name and address of the holder and/or any other channel in which to communicate the response to your request. II. Documents proving the identity, or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the holder. III. The clear and accurate description of the personal data to which you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights.IV. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data pertaining to your request. In the case of requests for rectification of personal data, the holder must indicate, in addition to the above, the modifications to be made and provide the official documentation that supports said request. MORTON SUBASTAS shall communicate to the holder by the same means the request was made, within a maximum period of twenty calendar days counted from the date on which the request for the exercise of ARCO rights was received, and if appropriate, is it shall take effect within 15 (fifteen) calendar days following the date on which the reply is communicated, in terms of the Law and the corresponding regulatory provisions. In the case of requests for access to personal data, the delivery will proceed with prior accreditation of the identity of the applicant or legal representative, as appropriate. In the event that the holder requests access to a person's data on the grounds that MORTON SUBASTAS is responsible, and it turns out not to be, it will suffice to indicate the holder to comply with the obligation arising from the request.

In any response to a request for the exercise of ARCO rights, MORTON SUBASTAS shall inform the reason for its decision and communicate it to the holder, or, where appropriate, the legal representative within the time limits established by the Law and its regulatory provisions for such effect and by the same means by which the application was made, accompanied where appropriate by the relevant evidence.

The delivery of the personal data will be free of charge, the holder must cover only the justified shipping costs or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats.

Transfer of Data Your personal data, including your sensitive personal data, may be transferred and processed in and out of the country for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice and in order to comply with our contractual and/or legal obligations to you and to the authorities of other countries. In terms of the Law, it is stated that regardless of whether or not a holder accepts the transfer of his personal data, any third-party recipient assumes the same obligations as MORTON SUBASTAS as an entity that transfers personal data in its possession in terms of what is stated in the previous paragraph. By using this page and its applications or filling out any MORTON SUBASTAS format or by contracting with MORTON SUBASTAS (as a customer, supplier, employee, agent, or otherwise), you consent to the transfer of your data.

Domestic or international data transfers may be carried out without the consent of the holder where the transfer is made to controlling companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates under the common control of the party responsible or to a parent company, or to any company of the same group of MORTON SUBASTAS that operates under the same internal processes and policies, where the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract concluded or for concluding in the interest of the holder, by MORTON SUBASTAS and a third party, where the transfer is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of a public interest or for the procurement or administration of justice, where the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise, or defense of a right in a process transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfilment of a legal relationship between MORTON SUBASTAS and the holder and in the other cases established by the Law.

Compilation of statistical data online. MORTON SUBASTAS may observe and study the traffic and use of the website in order to determine the most popular or useful aspects and services for our visitors in order to improve our services. We may collect and store information about your browsing through this website, for how long you use it, the IP address of your computer, as well as the operating system and type of Internet browser you use. MORTON SUBASTAS obtains this information automatically through a remote data collection service using "web beacons" and also "cookies". This mechanism is only for generating statistical data on browsing activities and patterns and at no time identifies personal data of any individual. In this regard, you are informed that these technologies may be disabled. To learn how to do this, see the following link:

Procedure to communicate to holders any changes to this Privacy Notice:

MORTON SUBASTAS may at any time and without prior notice, carry out modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice, which will be made known through our website and through notices placed in visible locations in offices where customer service is provided. Therefore, we recommend that the holder periodically visit our website and be aware of the referred notices.

This Privacy Notice is governed by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and its corresponding regulatory provisions.

Other options and means to limit the use or disclosure of personal data:

Like other options and means for you to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, other than the exercise of ARCO rights or the revocation of consent, you can register in the Public Registry to Avoid Advertising, by calling the number 96 28 00 00 from Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, or 01 800 962 8000 from the rest of the country in order to restrict promotional calls and safeguard their privacy in terms of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Additionally, for more information on the current regulations and legal remedies to which you have access as the holder of personal data, you can go to the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI) by phone 01-800- IFAI, or on its website: .

LATEST UPDATE:December 5th, 2014. Our Privacy Policy on the MORTON SUBASTAS Website will ensure that the personal data contained in the databases are relevant, correct, and updated for the purposes for which they were collected. When the personal data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes provided for in the current Privacy Notice and the applicable legal provisions, they will be duly canceled.

The processing of your personal data will be as necessary, appropriate, and relevant in relation to the purposes provided in this privacy notice. Specifically for sensitive personal data, MORTON SUBASTAS limits the processing period of the same to the effect that it is the absolute minimum. By using any printed format of MORTON SUBASTAS or this website and any of its applications, as well as any other MORTON SUBASTAS site, you agree to the collection, use, transfer, and storage of your personal data as set forth in the current Privacy Notice. You may choose not to give your consent, in which case we will ask you to refrain from using this website, its applications and/or printed formats, accordingly MORTON SUBASTAS may be unable to formalize or continue the corresponding legal relationship.


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